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Top scams of 2015 likely to be repeated

The King City Police Department ended 2015 on slow note with a 30 percent reduction in calls for service when compared to December 2014. The department responded to 145 calls for service in December 2014 and responded to 98 calls for service in 2015.

Part of this reduction may be attributed to weather and a peaceful holiday season. We would like to thank our community for assisting in making King City a safe place to live and work.

Top scams in 2015

We continue to experience a variety of scams even as we enter 2016. In the Portland metro area, the top five scams for 2015 were:

1) IRS – caller identifies as an IRS agent and indicates that there are taxes due and needs certain identification to clear up the issue;

2) Law enforcement – caller identifies as a police officer or sheriff’s deputy and states that the victim needs to settle an outstanding warrant or past-due fee;

3) Debt collector – caller states that someone at the phone number owes money and threatens to take legal action unless the debt is paid;

4) Tech support – caller states that the victim’s computer has been hacked and to cure the problem, the caller needs access to the victim’s computer;

5) Sweepstakes winner – caller states that victim has won a sweepstakes prize, and to release the winnings, the victim must send funds to take care of taxes and fees.

If you receive any of these calls or versions of these calls, do not give any personal information or send any money. If in doubt, hang up and contact the police department. Provide the police with any information (example, a callback number) that the caller provided.

Law changes for 2016 that may affect you

Disabled parking: Some local jurisdictions have revised their disabled parking rules by charging a parking fee for holders of a regular disabled-person parking permit.

If you are a permit holder and regularly park in a jurisdiction, you should contact the parking enforcement authority of the jurisdiction to ascertain if there is a parking fee to park in a space reserved for disabled parking.

Exception: The rules for wheelchair parking remain the same. If you have a wheelchair permit, you can still park for free.

HB2261 allows a person who has renewed a vehicle registration but has not received the registration stickers to show proof from DMV that the registration has been paid but the stickers have not been received. The proof may be either a printed letter or an electronic printout. The proofs are valid for 30 days from date of renewal.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

If you are interested in helping your community at times of disaster, you are invited to come to the next CERT meeting and find out how you can contribute. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 8, at 4 p.m. at the King City Clubhouse.

For additional information, call Sam at King City City Hall at 503-639-4082.

You be the judge (or you have to be kidding)

Most of the time when we experience a legal issue, we call a lawyer. In this case, that choice might be challenged. It seems a lawyer was hoping that lady justice was blind. While in court representing a client, the lawyer asked for a recess so he could speak to his client.

As he stood up, a baggie with two ounces of marijuana dropped from his pocket on to the defense table. Immediately, the lawyer stated that the marijuana was confiscated from his client’s child, and he was holding it to admonish the youth. In the end, the lawyer pled guilty to a misdemeanor drug possession, lost his client’s case and was admonished by the local bar association.

I guess this shows that Lady Justice isn’t blind after all.

Until next time be good, be neighborly and be safe.