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Tuesday is 'ladies' night' at J.B. O'Brien's


Discovery Shop volunteers meet up after work

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - TUESDAY NIGHT REGULARS - Jean Duncan (left), Shirley Olbekson, Carol Smith and Ros Daniels along with other Discovery Shop volunteers meet every Tuesday night for happy hour drinks and dinner at J.B. OBriens Pub.Like clockwork every Tuesday at 4:30 p.m., a group of ladies walks into J.B. O'Brien's Pub, sits down and orders food and beverages from the happy hour menu from their favorite server, Lauren.

On Jan. 15, there were only four of them, but they had a big reason to celebrate - it was the 65th birthday of Jean Duncan of King City. With her were Shirley Olbekson of Summerfield, Carol Smith of Beaverton and Ros Daniels, who lives in the Woodspring Apartments across Durham Road.

"There are usually six or seven of us," Ros said, adding that they all met volunteering at the Discovery Shop, the upscale resale shop across the parking lot from O'Brien's that raises funds for the American Cancer Society.

"We've been coming here for at least two years," Shirley said. "We like the camaraderie here. It would take an act of Congress for us not to come," and Ros added, "It's close."

Carol said they always get served by "the best waitress ever - Lauren."

"If the whole place was packed, she could handle everyone," Carol said.

Ros joked, "Shirley and I are the big drinkers here. Everybody knows when Shirley comes in."

Jean said the group likes the happy hour food and drinks, adding, "This has become so important to me - to come and see friends, and everybody is so nice. There were six or more of us here one night, and we were getting ready to ask for our bill, and Lauren said that a man had bought our dinner."

Ros asked, "Where else can you come and eat and drink for under $10?"

Ros, Carol and Shirley work the Tuesday afternoon shift at the Discovery Shop on Tuesday and walk over to J.B. O'Brien's as soon as they close up.

Carol joked, "Half the reason I keep working there is so I can come here."

Shirley added, "Working at the Discovery Shop is a fun experience - we have a good time."

The women joked and kidded each other as they talked about a variety of subjects and also enjoyed Jean's birthday cake before saying goodbye and leaving a slice for Lauren.