Group of longtime friends hasn't missed a night in two years

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - TOASTING GOOD FRIENDS - A group that calls itself the Motley Crew, including Donna Grega (third from left), shows up at J.B. OBriens Pub every Friday night for the happy hour specials and takes over one corner of the place.Every Friday night, a large group of people descends on J.B. O'Brien's Pub, filling up several tables placed together in "their" corner.

There were at least 15 people squeezed around a group of tables on Jan. 18, and Donna Grega took on the role of spokeswoman for the group, saying they informally call themselves the Motley Crew.

Someone then asked what "motley" meant, which led to a discussion on the subject.

"This group started a couple of years ago with people who live at the Woodspring Apartments," Donna said. "I used to live there but moved to King City. New people have been added to the group, and one died a couple of months ago.

"The biggest group we ever had was 19, and that was for a birthday party. We've had as few as four. Not to mention specific names, but there have been a few romances that have developed out of this group."

In fact, Louis was celebrating his birthday that night and had a couple of balloons tied to his chair. "We celebrate everyone's birthday," Donna said.

As far as Donna knows, the youngest in the group is 63, and while most are retired, a few still work, and they are mostly single.

"A lot of them walk over here," she said. "We have a fun group. No one gets drunk or stupid - we did that already. We get here right at 4:30 and disperse by 6 or 7 - we have to pace ourselves. We have become such favorites they reserve this table for us. This is something we all look forward to doing.

"Not everyone comes every Friday night. Right now we have four or five regulars missing. I missed one Friday, and Mike called to ask if I was OK, where I was and who I was with."

Another woman added, "This gets us out of the house, and the food here is great. The happy hour menu is what we come for. And we get the same waitress every week - her name is Lindsie, and her helper Eric is the sweetest young man. Lindsie is the sweetest young lady."

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