Richard and Ernestine Bloomberg share home with 3 cats

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - ALL IN THE FAMILY - Richard Bloomberg waits for some action out of Tonto (left) and Midnight Two.Richard and Ernestine Bloomberg, who live in the Highlands, are the proud owners of three cats, and of course, each one has a story.

"A year ago last Christmas, a neighbor brought me a little black cat named Midnight," Ernestine said. "She was feral and scratched and hissed at first, but she became the sweetest little cat and warmed up to me. She was an indoor cat, but last October she somehow disappeared. I was so distressed. We looked for her a long time, and when we couldn't find her, I wanted another long-haired black cat to name Midnight Two."

None of the local shelters had a cat that met that description until the Bloombergs found Dogstar, a shelter in Portland that had a long-haired black cat.

"She had been abandoned in Tillamook," Ernestine said. "They think she was born in 2009."

Midnight Two joined Princess, a "lovey-dovey" multi-colored cat in shades of gray, white and brown, and Tonto, who they have had for about 10 years.

When the Bloombergs got Tonto, they had no other cats and figured it was time for another one. They got Tonto from Animal Aid, "and he is like a member of the family," Richard said.

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - JUST US GIRLS - Ernestine Bloomberg pets Princess, a former stray that the couple found wandering around the neighborhood.Apparently the neighbors have figured out that the kind-hearted Bloombergs won't allow a stray cat to face the elements alone.

"There was a notice on our (intra-community) email that people had seen Princess in our neighborhood, and she was starving," Ernestine said. "No one wanted her. She showed up at our door one day and stayed.

"I've always had cats and never dogs. But I always have dog treats with me when I walk - I love dogs."

The Bloombergs have lived in the Highlands for 23 years and are among the original owners, and they hold out hope that they might one day be reunited with Midnight One.

"People have told us they have seen her around the neighborhood," Ernestine said. "Everybody around here knows what she looks like and that we are looking for her."

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