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Local hosts to the most ghosts: Davis Graveyard rises again


by: DAVID F. ASHTON - More than 1,500 people come by the Davis Graveyard on S.E. Johnson Creek Boulevard at 43rd on Halloween night alone.Some visitors say they’re sure they see real spectres cavorting at the home of Jeff and Chris Davis, in the Johnson Creek-Ardenwald neighborhood.

“Actually, we just love doing it,” Chris Davis told THE BEE, as darkness fell over their decidedly spooky yard decorations. “This marks our 13th Hallowe’en of decoration at this level.”

As much fun as creating their haunting tableau, the Davis’ said, is watching folks come by and marvel at their creation. “Families with really young kids come by during the day when it's not quite so scary. But the older ones wait until dark.”

This year, the creepy courtyard contains seventy-two tombstones, ten statues, an all-new mausoleum and a more open façade for the Abbey that will be seen by thousands of people during the season.

And if you’ve never been there, you’ll need the address, and even though it’s been on display all October, it’s not quite too late to see it this year, because it will remain up at least through Friday, November 2nd, with lights on till 10 pm. The location is 8703 S.E. 43rd Avenue, on the south side of Johnson Creek Boulevard at 43rd.

How do they do it? Visit their website: HYPERLINK "http://www.davisgraveyard.com" www.davisgraveyard.com