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Roadside Harney brushfire quenched on county line


by: DAVID F. ASHTON - After the fire was extinguished, the crew looked on as a firefighter sprayed tinder-dry brush and grass with flame-retardant foam.Unseasonably dry conditions, combined with high winds, whipped several small brush fires into major brushfires on Wednesday, October 3, which kept Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) crews busy throughout the day and into the evening.

The report of a brush fire along S.E. Harney Street at 57th Avenue, right on the Multnomah-Clackamas County Line, brought out both the engine and the truck crews from Woodstock’s Fire Station 25.

“When the firefighters arrived,” PF&R spokesman Lt. Michael Silva later told THE BEE, “the fire was quickly spreading up the slope.”

The firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the blaze, keeping it contained to a 50-by-50-foot area, Silva reported. “The fire had just started to encroach on the back yard of a home; but it was mostly kept to the public right-of-way.”

The cause was listed as: “Unintentional – Carelessly Discarded Smoking Materials”, Silva added.