by: RITA A. LEONARD - The newly constructed covered parking for members of Portland Rowing Club in Sellwood adheres to green building practices.At the foot of S.E. Harney Street in Sellwood, tucked away behind a downhill curve, is a parking area that the Portland Rowing Club has used for close to half a century.

Recently, however, Portland’s Waterleaf Architecture ( oversaw the design and construction of two new covered parking structures for the club, complete with sustainable lighting and a “green” water treatment facility. A nearby marker post shows the record Willamette River flood height on Christmas Day of 1964.

Architect Dick Aanderud, who works at Waterleaf and also lives at the Sellwood moorage site, explained that the new facilities were designed by a team to update and modernize the rowing club’s parking area. “The plan includes two covered parking structures – one for 34 vehicles, and one for about 8 bicycles,” he says. “There are an additional 41 parking spaces available on the surrounding asphalt for members’ use.”

With a nod toward “green” building practices, Aanderud adds, “We’re using sustainable lighting with LED light poles. There’s also a vegetated planter that collects all storm water from the site for treatment of impurities before the water goes back into the river. The main structure is built with steel and cement uprights on a concrete slab, covered with a galvanized metal roof.”

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