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Vandals go on Sellwood glass smashing spree


by: DAVID F. ASHTON - This broken-out window unnerved tenants of an office building at S.E. Tenino and 7th Avenue.Windows – some small, some large – were shattered in Sellwood on the evening of February 6, leaving plenty of clean-up and repair headaches for property owners.

There is no official police report linking the three incidents that some believe started about 3 am the first floor window of the apartment building at S.E. 6th Avenue and Tacoma Street was broken

Apparently finding broken glass exhilarating, the thugs headed south on S.E. 6th Avenue and turned east on Tenino Street. Finding a larger target – a plate glass window in the office building at S.E. Tenino Street at 7th Avenue, they broke that.

Tenant Krystin Rose, a partner at the Rose and Rose Law Firm commented to THE BEE the next day. “There are plenty of windows to smash in the building; we’ll never know why the one in the front was chosen,” Rose said. “We like being here very much; we haven’t really had any trouble. But, you don’t like coming to work and seeing a window smashed.”

The owner of the office building, Diana Richardson, also had to replace another plate-glass window shattered on another of her buildings – about 30 paces to the south, occupied by the Essential Oil Company. A security camera suggested that there were two people involved in the vandalism, she said.

If you can help identify those responsible, call the police non-emergency number – 503/823-3333 – to offer investigative leads.