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Woodstock residents celebrate 15 years of 'love on the trail'


Inner Southeast Portland residents enjoy the conveniences of urban life. But many of them also like spending time in the great outdoors.

by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Woodstock's Randall Magahay and Florence Dezeix continue to volunteer where they first met 15 years ago - working on the Powell Butte Trail.Two of those people are Woodstock’s Randall Magahay and Florence Dezeix. On Saturday, February 2nd, THE BEE found them cleaning and repairing the Powell Butte Trail.

“I've been volunteering up here because I'm a member of the mountain biking community,” Magahay confided. “And, I met my lovely wife doing this volunteer work, right on this trail!”

That was 15 years ago, almost to the month, Dezeix said. “I lived in Gresham then. It’s true: We met while shoveling gravel for the City of Portland. Being a volunteer is a great way to meet good people.”

“It's a nice day to get out and do a good bit for the Earth,” Magahay agreed. “And who knows who you might meet along the way!”