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Stuck semi on McLoughlin backs up traffic at S.E. 17th


by: RITA A. LEONARD - A driver transporting a railroad container got stuck turning north on McLoughlin Boulevard from S.E. 17th on the rainy morning of April 7th, partially blocking northbound lanes of McLoughlin for about an hour until a mechanic arrived to resolve an issue in the trucks wheel well.A driver attempting to merge northbound onto S.E. McLoughlin Boulevard from 17th Avenue, hauling a container from the Union Pacific’s Brooklyn Yard containerized terminal, ran into trouble making the turn on April 7th.

The rig stopped dead halfway through the maneuver, effectively blocking two lanes of northbound traffic until help arrived.

Luckily, traffic was light on that rainy Sunday morning, so the incident did not cause extensive tie-ups. However, the incident did slow passage for drivers, who slowed down to gawk at the flashing lights of the two assisting Portland Police cars.

After about an hour, an assistance vehicle arrived at the scene and checked out the left front tractor wheel. Shortly after working his magic, the rescuer returned to his pickup and the semi and trailer roared back to life. Police cars and tractor-trailer left the scene simultaneously, clearing the well-traveled thoroughfare.