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For 'Fair Housing Week', County Commissioner reads at Woodstock Library


by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Multnomah County District 3 Commissioner Judy Shiprack reads A Pig Is Moving In to preschoolers at this Woodstock Library Story Time, during the 45th Annual Fair Housing Month.It came as a surprise to many of the parents at the Woodstock Library “Story Time”, on April 19th, to learn that Multnomah County District 3 Commissioner Judy Shiprack would be their host at the 10:30 am session.

“I was invited here by the Fair Housing Council of Oregon,” Shiprack told THE BEE. “It’s ‘Fair Housing Week’, and I feel privileged to read the story, ‘A Pig Is Moving In’ to these thirty preschoolers.”

The book tells the story of how Henrietta Hen, Nick Hare, and Doctor Fox are appalled to discover that a pig is moving into their apartment building, Shiprack said. “It seems that their worst fears are confirmed – but they failed to see how the pig actually cleaned up after himself, and then offered friendship.

“I do think that there is a pretty powerful moral here – sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover,” Shiprack said, in a sly reference to the venue in which she was reading.

She said she took the time to come read in Woodstock, “Because the most important population for us is right here in this room – children and their parents. I think that the Fair Housing Council is doing a marvelous job of reminding all of us that we all live together, and not to rush to judgment.”