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Duniway students show off art and music skills


Although it was after hours at Duniway Elementary School, on Wednesday evening, April 24, the building was abuzz with excitement. Students were showing off their artwork, and performing music for parents and friends.

Since the Duniway parent-led art program began in 1999, the Duniway Elementary Art Show and Annual Spring Concert has become a highlight of the year.

“All of the students – every single one of them at the school – are involved in the art program,” Kari Rittenour, one of the exhibition co-chairs, told THE BEE.

by: DAVID F. ASHTON - A large crowd gathered to enjoy the art created by Duniway Elementary School students during the 2012-13 school year.Rittenour, a Portland native and a Duniway parent, was also this year’s Artist-in-Residence. “This year I was teaching work in clay.”

Co-chair Jocelyn SyCip chimed in, “We have here a representation of both two- and three-dimensional artwork in the show, from every grade.”

A core of about eight parents work with the program, Rittenour said.

“But, including those who work behind-the-scenes during the year, and others who help us to get ready for the art show,” SyCip added, “There are about 150 parent volunteers who help in different ways. There a lot of things that go into putting on the art show.”

It’s well worth the effort, both Rittenour and SyCip agreed.

“I feel that the art program enriches our children’s educational experience,” SyCip commented. “This ranges from the kinesthetic to the conceptual. It really gets them to think ‘outside-the-box’ from what a student normally finds in a typical classroom setting.”

The organizers asked to acknowledge Trader Joe’s for donating flowers, Blue Kangaroo Coffee Shop for the coffee, and the parents who brought baked goods to the two-day event, which concluded the following evening.