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Careless driver strikes two at Walmart on SE 82nd


by: DAVID F. ASHTON - On June 12, in a marked crosswalk at the Eastport Plaza Walmart store - in the 4200 block of S.E. 82nd Avenue, at Holgate - a car reportedly backed into two shoppers exiting the store. Purchases made by the victims remained strewn across the crosswalk, while officials continued the investigation.In the parking lot of a busy retail store, it’s not unusual for minor accidents to occur.

But this one was a bit more than minor. Just before 10 pm on Thursday, June 12, in the parking lot of the Eastport Plaza Walmart store on S.E. 82nd Avenue at Holgate Boulevard, a driver hit and knocked over two shoppers who were coming out of the store’s west entrance.

“The woman screamed when the guy backed out of a parking space and knocked her over, along with the man she was with,” said Damien Clawson, who told THE BEE he witnessed the accident. “Their groceries went all over the place.”

But, instead of stopping to render aid, “It looked like the guy was going to drive away – but a security patrol stopped him,” Clawson said.

Because the man and woman were not English speakers, emergency responders had difficulty assessing their injuries before, and during, their trip to OHSU. It turned out that they were not serious.

“No traumatic injuries were reported, and the motorist was cited for Careless Driving,” reported Portland Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Pete Simpson.