by: DAVID F. ASHTON - A tow driver examines the broken light pole that apparently shielded the coffee shops front from further damage.Swerving, after being cut off by another vehicle, a Ford F150 four-door pickup truck smashed into the Colors Café Coffee House building at 2620 S.E. Powell Boulevard, across the street from Cleveland High School, just before 7 pm on Sunday, July 14.

The eastbound pickup truck apparently popped up the curb, and snapped off an aluminum street lighting pole. As the metal pole fell over, it acted as a bumper, keeping the truck from grinding inside the stucco face of the building, as it became wedged between the store and a tree.

The front edge of the truck knocked the glass window out of the shop’s front door, but surprisingly didn’t damage the door frame.

“Another driver cut me off,” the driver told bystanders, after turning down medical care. “I swerved to miss hitting him – and I don’t remember much anything else.” The vehicle responsible for the mishap did not remain at the scene.

Eastbound S.E. Powell Boulevard was closed for about an hour, while a wrecker crew carefully pulled the smashed truck onto to a flatbed hauler.

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