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Rescue over McLoughlin


by: COURTESY OF THE MILWAUKIE POLICE DEPARTMENT - Scene of attempted bridge jumpAs night fell, a distraught 21-year-old man planned to jump to his death off the Springwater Corridor pedestrian bridge over McLoughlin Boulevard, just south of Tacoma Street, on July 22, shortly after 9:30 pm. Drivers reported that a man had climbed the 8-foot-high security fence, and was sitting on the safety railing. Police blocked the highway as Milwaukie Officers Greg Elkins and John Redenbo approached him. When it appeared the man was going to jump, the officers climbed the wire fence and grabbed the man’s wrists and the waistband of his pants. He resisted, but they yanked him backward and onto the floor of the bridge, where he was handcuffed and taken into protective custody, to be transported to OHSU hospital for medical evaluation. He had left a handwritten suicide note near the bridge.