by: DAVID F. ASHTON - At just past midnight on August 24th, Bill Galante gets ready to hand off his teams wrist band to George Henderson on the Springwater Trail, in the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek neighborhood, during the 2013 Hood to Coast Relay.As it has for many of the past 22 races, the “Mother of All Relays” – the Hood to Coast Relay – passed through Ardenwald-Johnson Creek neighborhood and then Sellwood, as members of 1,050 teams made their way from Timberline Lodge to Seaside on the coast on August 23rd and 24th.

“It’s the most fun I’ve ever had while nearing complete exhaustion,” smiled Seattle participant Bill Galante, who was just coming off “Leg 10” at S.E.Johnson Creek Boulevard along the Springwater Trail. Breathing hard, he handed off his serial-numbered wrist wrap to George Henderson.

None of the runners jog the entire 198 miles, of course. Teams of eight to twelve participants take turns running along the event’s 36 segments; each runner is required to complete three of the “legs”, which range in distance from 3.52 to 8.09 miles.

With only a headlamp to guide their way during the hours of darkness, runners head west on the Springwater Trail, through Sellwood, along Oaks Bottom – then across the river to Downtown Portland, and then westward on out to the sandy beaches of Seaside.

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