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Holgate Blvd's 'Overseas Taste' meat smoker briefly catches fire


by: DAVID F. ASHTON - The Station 25 fire crew carefully moves an overheated smoke generator outside. A firefighter opens the hose nozzle, and the fire is out.Firefighters say it’s not unusual for 9-1-1 to get calls from folks who think Mac’s Radiator shop,or Overseas Taste market, are on fire. They’re both located near the intersection of S.E. Foster Road and Holgate Boulevard, in the Foster Powell Neighborhood

Billows of steam often issue from Mac’s when they’re cleaning automotive radiators; clouds of smoke roll out of Overseas Taste’s meat cookers.

However, when Portland Fire crews answered a call about 8:30 p.m. on August 15 at Overseas Taste, at 4431 S.E. 64th Avenue, they reported “excessive smoke in the building”.

Some firefighters laddered the building, and broke out their roof-cutting saws. Fire company officers debated making a forced entry because no fire was visible, and the business’s plate glass windows were cold.

“Within minutes, the owner of the company arrived and let the firefighters into his building,” said PF&R spokesman AJ Schaffer.

“Crews found the smoke generator, used for smoking meats in cabinets, had overheated,” Schaffer told THE BEE. “This put smoke throughout the building. But, the fire was contained to that smoker.” The business was open the next day as usual.