by: DAVID F. ASHTON - The rider took off his helmet, and at least one glove, before fleeing the scene in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood.The sound of sirens racing up S.E. Harney Drive, just south of Flavel Drive, brought residents out see what happened about 9:15 pm on July 24.

What had happened was that a motorcycle rider had driven his bike up Harney Drive at a high rate of speed, and didn’t make a 45-degree bend in the road – and crashed into a thick stand of bushes, and a tree.

“I heard the sound of a ’cycle, and then the crash,” remarked a neighbor. “I came out and saw him staggering around, asking for a drink of water. When I got back with his drink, he was gone.”

Police, medical and fire crews checked the area, and couldn’t find the rider – but the crashed motorcycle and helmet were still there.

“There’re any number of reasons he could have taken off,” a Portland Police District Officer commented to THE BEE. “It could have been a stolen bike; or he was drunk or high – or just scared.”

The motorcycle was taken into custody, but just who the rider was, and what condition he was in after his smashup, remains unknown.

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