by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Why this Honda veered off S.E. 39th (Chavez) and rammed a contractors pickup truck remains a mystery, as do the drivers identity and what charges might be involved. Traffic came to a standstill briefly after a southbound Honda four-door sedan veered and smashed into a parked pickup truck on S.E. 39th (Chavez), just south of Ellis Street, on Wednesday, October 23, at 1:15 pm.

An ambulance was called to the scene – but the driver of the badly-wrecked car was initially nowhere to be found.

“The car was in front of me,” an eyewitness said, “And going maybe a little faster than the speed limit. I kept my distance, because she was all over the road. But, it didn’t look as if she was using a cell phone, or texting.”

What happened next astonished him, he said. “She started heading for the curb, and slammed on her brakes just before she rammed the back end of the pickup truck.”

He pointed to the short, single skid mark leading up to the truck. “She hit the truck with such force that her entire car lifted about two feet, and then dropped back down onto the pavement.”

He parked behind the accident, the witness told THE BEE, and went to check on the driver. “She insisted on getting out, so I walked her over to sit down on the steps leading up a house. She repeatedly asked to be able to go to a bathroom.”

The driver of the car, he added, was “making no sense at all. She sounded as if she were intoxicated in some way – perhaps a reaction to medication, drinking alcohol, or maybe she was high on drugs.”

When the homeowner declined the driver’s lavatory request, she stood up and staggered south said the witness, turned west on S.E. Reedway, and disappeared from his view.

It was there where police officers and the ambulance crew eventually found the driver. But much as we would like to know the rest of this story, no information from official sources has been made available.

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