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“Les Schwab is a good neighbor”


Yes, I was one of those that had signs in my yard, “No Les Schwab”, and “Bring Naomi’s Back”. But, in late October, Brad, a tire technician, knocked on my door to let me know some guy was attempting to steal some of my wood from the front yard area. He and his co-workers questioned this man to see if he had permission to take wood, and the man left, cart empty. When I mentioned I had thought to move the wood towards the backyard, he graciously offered to get some of his co-workers and move it after work some evening. Brad, Michael, and Scott did just that a couple of nights later. A job that would have taken me hours, took less than 20 minutes! I am so grateful for their generosity of time. So yes indeed, for me, Les Schwab has turned out to be a great neighbor!

Susan Milholland

S.E. Tacoma Street

Register now, to run on behalf of Llewellyn

Editor, I would like to invite the members of our community to join Llewellyn Elementary School’s Shamrock Run Team. The race is held on March 16, 2014, in downtown Portland, with multiple running and walking event opportunities. We are attempting to create a Super Team of 75+ adult registrants under the “team number of 6070”. Participants will receive a $4 discount on their registration fee and, upon reaching our goal, the Shamrock Run will donate $5 per adult participant to the “Llewellyn Elementary School Foundation”. The “team” aspect is really only in the registration process, and our school spirit and camaraderie. Participants may enter any race of their choosing and can go at their own pace. This is an excellent way to get fit, have fun, and support your neighborhood school! Pending we meet the Super Team status, your T-shirts, bib numbers and timing chips will be available for pick-up several days prior to the race outside at Llewellyn School before and/or after school. We hope that you will enter our team number 6070 when registering and thank you for the support that it lends to our students!

Registration extends only through January 22, 2014. More information regarding the Shamrock Run can be found online at: www.shamrockrunportland.com – and questions regarding being a team member can be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jennifer Price Llewellyn Elementary School parent

Disagrees with editorial

Editor, A traffic light at 6th and Tacoma is a bad idea. It’s not just nearby residents who think so. The 2010 Environmental Impact Statement and the Federal Highway Administration think so, too. According to the feds, a stoplight will increase cut through traffic and back up eastbound traffic on the bridge.

THE BEE mistakenly argues that the light won’t cause a cut through problem because it will be timed to provide access to Tacoma from 6th Street half as often as the light at 13th. According to THE BEE, the longer light at 6th will deter westbound drivers from cutting through the neighborhood to avoid the tangle on Tacoma. A long light won’t deter cut through traffic from the south. In fact, it will encourage it by making it easier than it is now to get onto the bridge from 6th Street. With no light, it’s difficult to get onto Tacoma westbound from the south in morning traffic. With a light, even a long one, it will be easier so more are likely to try it.

A long light won’t discourage cut through drivers from the north because once they reach 6th and Tacoma they can turn right on red onto the bridge. For them, the situation won’t be much different than it is today: wait for a courteous Tacoma driver to let them in, then go.

THE BEE didn’t address the effect of a light on eastbound evening traffic, but the feds did. The feds said a light at 6th Street would back up eastbound across the bridge as far as Macadam/Highway 43. The best solution would be a pedestrian/bicycle activated signal at the 7th Street crosswalk. If that’s not possible, then the next-best solution is the status quo – no light.

Pete Sandrock

S.E. Grand Avenue EDITOR’S NOTE: THE BEE does not believe there WILL be a tangle on Tacoma once the bridge and the west-end exchange are completed, and this needed stoplight will not be installed until then. Eastbound, this light should not be any more obstructive of traffic than the three already operating on Tacoma between the bridge and McLoughlin – although if it does slow down eastbound traffic at all, that could be a real blessing, since those driving off the bridge, where there will be a 30 MPH speed limit, must slow to 25 MPH right at the end of the bridge on Tacoma, where the light will be! Otters in the creek

Editor, At 9 am November 11, while looking for birds in the Crystal Springs Creek from outside the big fence on the west side of Westmoreland Park, I saw a round head rise and then the body, as the critter dove. Thought it might be a nutria – but then a second and third river otter rose and climbed out on the bank, wrestling, rolling in the dirt about 150 feet south of where the men were beginning work with their heavy equipment. Astonished to see otter there, I yelled at one of the guys, who also saw them.

I crossed over the creek at the west side entrance to the park where a small flock of mixed-breed ducks were resting on the bank, and as I walked north on the east side of the creek looking for the otters, suddenly those ducks were squawking and running in all directions, not able to fly well, being chased by the otters. It was thrilling to see the otters fat, healthy, having fun terrorizing both ducks and geese, as they floated and frolicked their way south. I tried to follow, but lost them somewhere along the trail.

Give Mother Nature just a little bit of room and she'll provide the rest...what a blessing.

Corinne Stefanick via e-mail Seeks “historic” help Editor,

Three of us have houses on the corner of S.E. Holgate and 44th Avenue. We have heard our properties once belonged to Governor Thayer (not sure if he was governor or a lawyer at the time), and he had a mansion on our lots. The mansion burned down around the turn of the century, and part of the remaining foundation is in my basement – along with a Victorian coal-burning fireplace (my house is an 1938 English). I was able to find a little information at the Historical Society, but could not locate a photo of this mansion. I’ve hunted online, looked through vintage postcards, books on Thayer, etc. Aside from tracking down the Thayer family, I don’t know where else to look. I'm hoping THE BEE (or one of your readers) can help. Thanks!

Lisa Fox

4520 S.E. 44th Avenue

503/772-4801 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Duniway Home Tour includes Mayor’s home this year

Editor, The 35th anniversary of the Duniway Holiday Home Tour will bring many longstanding traditions and some exciting new features on Friday, December 6. Seven graciously-decorated Eastmoreland homes will be on display, and the ever-popular trolley has been brought back to make touring even more fun.

A special feature of this year’s tour is the addition of Mayor Charlie Hales and Nancy Hales’ home. The Hales have been Eastmoreland residents since 2007, and are excited to open their doors to the community in support of Duniway Elementary School.

The tour will feature something for all tastes and styles – with each of the highlighted homes being unique in its own right. Everything from classic and historic homes to new construction and complete remodels will be featured.

We offer both day and nighttime hours (10 am - 3 pm, and 6 - 9 pm). Many people visit the homes during the day – combining the experience with lunch or coffee at a local restaurant. However, the nighttime hours can offer an entirely different experience. With live music playing in the homes, and neighboring parties occurring, the neighborhood is abuzz!

Tickets are $25 and are available now at Duniway Elementary School, online at www.DuniwayHomeTour.org, and at local area businesses. Attendees can start the tour by picking up a tour booklet at Duniway and visiting the school’s South Gym to purchase a $5 raffle ticket for a chance to win amazing prizes, with proceeds going to the school.

The Home Tour is the Duniway PTA’s biggest fundraising event. All proceeds go directly to Duniway Elementary School – enabling the PTA to provide vital enrichment programs, classroom materials, cultural art events, field trips, and more. We hope to see all BEE readers on December 6th for the Duniway Holiday Home Tour!

Amy Rosenberg and The 2013 Home Tour Committee

“It Takes a Village” at Hallowe’en Editor, The Woodstock Neighborhood Association (WNA) wishes to express our gratitude to all who contributed to the success of our Harvest Halloween event at the Woodstock Community Center on October 31st – including all who attended!

First of all, we want to acknowledge Woodstock photographer Michael Gary for generously donating his time and talents to produce about 150 photo prints (capturing a total of 248 individuals).

We thank Reed College and our Woodstock UPS Store for printing, and Papa Murphy's in Woodstock for helping distribute, the promotional materials – as well as all who displayed event posters or handbills in their places of business. Big thanks to major financial sponsors: Mezza Lebanese Restaurant, Plaid Pantries, and Southside Swap and Play – and additional financial sponsors: Animal Crossing NW, Cloud City Ice Cream, Kid’s Castle Cuts, Piccolina, Pizza Roma, and the Woodstock Farmers Market.

Food and drink was plentiful, thanks to Mezza, Otto's Sausage Kitchen, Tom Yum Thai, First Cup Coffeehouse, Papaccino's Coffeehouse, Safeway, US Bank, New Seasons, and Lewis School, who chipped in with the loan of their popcorn maker.

In the ambience department, we’re grateful to permaculturist Marisha Auerbach for loaning a bunch of large winter squash, grown in her own Woodstock garden, and to Woodstock Elementary for loaning two large straw bales left over from their harvest party!

Special thanks to Woodstock bassman Les Szigethy, and fellow musicians Dale Jones (guitar, ukele and vocals) and Ann Heney (guitar, vocals and mandolin) – who formed a new trio especially for the event! “Status Crow” contributed greatly to a lively atmosphere, and we truly hope to be able to welcome them back for future neighborhood parties.

Thanks to Southside Swap & Play for the loan of pumpkin-scented Playdough for our craft area, and to O’Tingley for the loan of two of their fine handmade cornhole boards.

Thank you neighborhood volunteers! Specifically: Virginia Peterson, our amazing and apparently tireless Popcorn Witch; Ruth Williams, for taking charge of our fall-themed rubberstamping craft activity; Merrilee Spence, for help with decorations and clean up; Janet Kneedler for help with nametags, decorations, and greeting duties; Terry Griffiths for filling in, in numerous ways, throughout the evening; and Kenny and Deborah Heggem and their dog Dottie (masquerading as a fish) for taking a shift as greeters. Big appreciation also to Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) members KD Henderson and Nancy Lapp, who donned crossing guard costumes, complete with hard hats and stop signs, and spent long hours on the boulevard helping trick-or-treaters safely cross the street.

Congratulations to the horse-chestnut guessing game winner, preschooler Soren Holbrook; and the winners of our Dutch raffle. Many thanks to our fabulous prize donors: 47th Avenue Farm; Birds and Bees Nursery; Grand Central Bakery; The Joinery; Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Sellwood; LoneSomeVille Pottery Co.; Mirador Community Store; Woodstock Auto Repair; Woodstock Bike Gallery; and The Xerces Society.

Last but not least, a big shout-out to the Woodstock Library for arranging this year’s “Not So Spooky Stories” Halloween reading, and to all the Woodstock community businesses who welcomed trick-or-treaters. THANK YOU ALL!

Becky Luening and Elisa Edgington

Harvest Halloween Event Coordinators,

Woodstock Neighborhood Association Co-Chairs

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