by: RITA A. LEONARD - Two youngsters go airborne on a snowy mogul at the bottom of the Brooklyn Park hill. Snow bunnies of all ages flocked to Brooklyn Park for slides down its hill during Portland's early February snowstorm. After word got out that the park in Brooklyn was one of Southeast’s premier sliding venues, crowds of a hundred or more gathered on the slope all day long on Friday, February 7th, to join the fun.

Squeals of joy and laughter, shouts of “heads up!” and “watch out!” could be heard a block away. Individuals and families took to the hill on snowboards, toboggans, skis, cardboard boxes, snow saucers, sleds, and inner tubes.

One creative fellow made runs perched in a steel salad bowl; another used a cafeteria tray; and a group of four tumbled down a unique route atop a picnic tablecloth. Near the basketball court, an impromptu snow mogul made a target for daring sliders who tried to go airborne at the base of the hill.

Grey skies and cold wind did nothing to dampen the spirit of play. TV coverage of the Winter Olympics in Sochi inspired a few sledders to experiment with new techniques. Some slid backwards, some rode in tandem, others luged on their stomachs, and a few tried it standing up.

Red cheeks, layered clothing, and a rainbow of sliding implements made for wonderful winter exercise, as families enjoyed the rare treat of snow sports in the city.

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