by: PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE OWNERS OF EACH PET - Icarus, left, and Duma were the two top vote-getters in the local pet photo contest.What do a geriatric champagne-colored tabby cat…a lure-coursing sight hound… a Border Collie mix…and a Spinone (Italian bird dog) have in common?

The common thread is that they were all winners in a recent pet photo contest sponsored by “Sellwood Dog Supply and Cat Annex”, at 8334 S.E. 17th Avenue, a short distance south of Tacoma Street.

“He’s basically a big galloof, and he’s just great to have around,” said Matt and Megan whose dog named Floyd placed third.

Duzi, who placed second, “was once a shelter dog with tons of untapped potential,” recalled owner Nicole.

The top vote getters were a cat named Duma, whose owner Jan described her as “my feline soul mate, providing me constant comfort through great joy and sadness”, and Icarus, a lure-coursing five-year-old Whippet who “aspires to heights where he does not belong”, and who would “love to facehug you by hopping on your lap and pressing his cheek against yours to keep you from leaving,” according to his proud owner.

Two of the contest winners are Sellwood residents, and two live nearby, according to Sellwood Dog Supply and Cat Annex’s Kathleen Kramer. The online pet photo contest ran during the month of August, and generated 200 entrants. The contest rules were simple: No professional photos; the subject had to be the owner’s pet, or one that had passed on; and entrants weren’t limited to Sellwood residents.

Kramer enlisted the help of store employees and nearby store owners to vote by secret ballot to narrow the competition down to the top twelve contestants, and then asked fans to vote by submitting their top three choices by e-mail to Kramer, or via Facebook. The top vote-getters gathered close to 80 votes each, and responses came from as far away as Virginia.

The winners received $50 in store gift certificates for first place; $25 for second place and $10 for third place prizes. Kramer plans to make a photo collage to post inside the store. She also envisions making a Holiday calendar of photo contest winners – calling it “Sellwood Stars.”

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