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In Ardenwald, Balfour Parks boosters peddle plants


by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Neighbor Shirley Reynolds is ready to purchases plants from the plant sale organizer, Lisa Gunion-Rinker.To help them move closer to their goal of raising about $10,000 to fund creating a Master Plan for the undeveloped Balfour Street Park, Ardenwald/Johnson Creek neighbors again hosted a live plant sale – this one, on April 28.

“We’ve been working with our neighbors, and we’ve got a good start on our goal,” said event organizer and host Lisa Gunion-Rinker.

This year, instead of hauling tables and plants over to the park across the street from her house, Gunion-Rinker said volunteers opted to hold it in her big back yard. “In past years, I collected all of the plants here at our house. Having the sale here too saves a lot of time and effort!”

Three or four years ago, Gunion-Rinker reminded, the City of Milwaukee purchased deep double lots on S.E. Balfor Street with a Metro “Nature in the Neighborhoods” grant. “We have a ‘Concept plan’, based on input from our neighbors – but nothing is set in stone until we actually get everybody’s input, by conducting a Master Plan process.”

By day’s end on April 25, Gunion-Rinker reported that the effort had raised $1,516.10. “We plan to do it again next spring, so everyone who will be dividing plants, now or later in the fall, please think about donating them to the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Spring Plant Sale!”

On a side note, she reported that after the sale ended, neighbors delivered 2½ truckloads of the remaining plants to the Ledding Library Plant Sale.

“Next up will be the ‘Sustainability Tour’, scheduled for the first weekend in September,” she concluded.

For more information, visit their website: www.ardenwald.org/