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Creative arts come alive at Franklin High


by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Family and friends visit the Arts Alive exhibition hall at the Franklin High arts event.On the last two evenings in May, Franklin High School students got the opportunity to put their artistic endeavors on display at their “Arts Alive!” festival.

“It gives our students an experience of what the professional performance world is like,” Franklin High dance instructor, and the show’s curator, Julana Torres said. “It is also an opportunity for the arts team to unite forces, and stress the importance of arts integration in our school.”

Perhaps some community members don’t think of Franklin High as a place to learn performing arts, Torres told THE BEE on the evening of May 30. “But, during this celebration, we’re showcasing creative arts – an essential part of the kids’ education, in this lively, vibrant art program.”

On the Franklin High stage, the program included vocal and instrumental music, dance, theater monologue, break-dancing, and even a bit of martial arts.

At the door of the Art Gallery, instructor Javier Perez observed, “Everything in the world that is manufactured starts in the minds of artists – be it appliances, furniture, or cars. In art, we teach problem-solving, in terms of making something look good, and fit. Moving from a blank page to a final product is a good problem-solving exercise.”

To the hundreds of parents and friends who attended one or both evenings – if Franklin High hadn’t been known for its arts before the festival, it is now!