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by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Christopher B. answers guests questions about the Searching for Pi (or Pie) LEGO Logo Board construction that was the centerpiece of the display at the Division-Clinton Street Fair again this year. It took many students several months to design and build. It is not a kit!A themed LEGO display, and other science demonstrations provided by students and volunteers with Oregon Episcopal School (OES), were again a featured attraction of the Division-Clinton Street Fair on Saturday, July 27.

The animated display was set up in the lobby of the OHSU Richmond Clinic, at S.E. 39th (Chavez) and Division. OES science instructor and Westmoreland resident Jane Kenney-Norberg told THE BEE, “This is our 75th public LEGO show in 22 years.”

The featured attraction, operated and narrated by OES student Christopher B. while we were there, was the LEGO Logo Board, an original construction built entirely by students over the course of several months, and controlled by two computers not connected to each other, which had nonetheless to work together to tell the 3-minute story, “Searching for Pi” (or Pie). It was previously on display at the Oregon Zoo last May.

“I built the inclined ramp here,” Christopher said. “As Zuri the Rhino goes up the ramp, the digits of pi, (3.141592…) illuminate. As she goes back down, the numbers turn off. This is because of an infrared sensor that is sensing the position of the trolley on which she is riding.”

Other students helped visitors with hands-on displays, such as the ever-popular “squiggle-pen”, motorized gearboxes, and other animated displays.

“We’re showing what OES students learn in their ‘LEGO Physics’ classes,” Ms. Kenney-Norberg said. “It’s important that kids see that there is more to LEGOs than merely popping together a kit, and putting it on the shelf.”

To learn more about OES, or their after-school LEGO program, go online to: //oes.edu

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