For many months, the building at 4905 S.E. Woodstock, across the street from the Woodstock Branch Library, has been empty. Marc Gaudin, who owns the building and its 10,000 square foot property, explains: “This building is now available to lease or develop – to do something with.  I’m marketing the building, and it will be available January 1st.”

Gaudin has owned the site, which was formerly occupied by the Lents Education Center, and before that, Steve’s Appliances, since 2012.  He also is owner of “The Joinery” block nearby.

When choosing a new lessee for the empty building, he says he wants to “listen to the community”.  Possibilities he has considered for the site include a daycare center, a brew pub, a garden shop, a deli, or a retail store.

A grocery store is not on the list. For weeks rumors have been flying in Woodstock about New Seasons Markets considering opening a store in the former location of Woodpro Beauty Products, at the corner of S.E. 45th and Woodstock. The rumors, as yet unsubstantiated, include the Putters and Woodstock Wellness properties to the east.

Gaudin says he has met with New Seasons to ask questions about the rumors, but at this time they have not made a decision to locate there, although a decision may be forthcoming soon.

However, one decision that has already been made involved Gaudin himself. He tells THE BEE that he has sold The Joinery, a business he has owned for 32 years – 16 of them at the Woodstock location, which formerly was home to Standard Appliance.

“On October 31st, I sold the business,” affirms Gaudin.  “I have decided to re-purpose my life and step down.  I sold the company because it’s ready to go to the next level, and I don’t want to take it there. I sold it so it can grow.”

Gaudin feels confident the new owner will take the business to that “new level”, which eventually could mean finding a different and more spacious location outside of the neighborhood for the manufacturing of the furniture.  He adds that, in such a case, the showroom might stay in Woodstock.

Since Gaudin owns the entire Joinery block, including four houses behind the business, he hints that in years ahead – perhaps more than a decade from now – he might choose to do some creative development on that block. Certainly The Joinery’s property, and the property across from the library, will be worth watching in years to come.

In the meantime, Gaudin reminds us, he is looking for a lessee for that currently-empty 4905 S.E. Woodstock space facing the library – a tenant who will be, in his words, “a good fit for the community”.

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