by: Rita A. Leonard Reed neighborhood author Shari Lane has publishes her first book – “The UnFairy Tale”, for young readers.

Lawyer Shari Lane has published her first novel, a 317-page paperback entitled 'The UnFairy Tale', aimed at readers aged 8 to 12.

She has written 'ever since I could hold a pencil,' the Reedwood neighborhood author says. 'I actually wrote the book twelve years ago, based on bedtime stories I told my daughter, who was 10 at the time.

'After failing to interest a publisher back then, I put the project on a back shelf for a few years. More recently, encouraged by winning two short story awards, and receiving some positive comments from a new agent, I decided to try again.

'This is my first book publication, although I've also written about half of a sequel. My hope is that when I open my blog in February, I can use input from young reader collaborators who communicate their ideas to me there.'

The protagonist of 'The UnFairy Tale', 10-year-old Amanda, compares a book that she reads with friends to her own life, finding similarities that help her solve her own problems. The story's synopsis indicates that 'a tactless peasant girl, a kingdomless king, an enchanted bear, a diminutive dragon, and a less than perfect boy, all battle an evil Wamlock who is out to destroy them'.

[Lane explains in her book that a Wamlock is 'a fallen Warlock, formerly a trusted advisor to the King. The Wamlock was banished for stealing a magical ring that imparted royal power to the wearer.']

The story is read by fifth grade friends who are looking for a break from their own lives and family crises. When their lives mysteriously intersect with the lives of the fairytale characters, the girls wonder if there isn't some magic afoot after all.

A surprise ending provides a nice windup for the tale. Lane hopes her writing will make a difference in the lives of young people, who can learn lessons from realizing what the characters have also gone through. 'Comments on my blog will hopefully give me that answer,' she says. You can read excerpts of 'The UnFairy Tale - Volume Two' at

Lane belongs to a Writers' Group that meets monthly, and she writes regularly for her own enjoyment 'whenever the Muse hits me.' She concedes, 'It's hard to carve out the time, but turning off my Blackberry is a real help.' She hopes to write more entertaining adventures for young folks: 'It's easy to fall back into the magical world of a 10-year-old, since that's the time when dreams and reality begin to come together.'

'The UnFairy Tale' is available at Wallace Books in Westmoreland, via, and through Lane's blog.

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