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"Museum" opens at Milwaukie and Holgate


by: RITA A. LEONARD - Seth Hill, owner and curator of the new Museum of Modern Life at 4504 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, displays some of the artistic works in his collection.A new art gallery has taken shape, and opened its doors, at 4504 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, the former site of the late Madeline Janovec’s “Janovec Gallery”. “The Museum of Modern Life” (www.modlife.org) is the concept of Seth Hill, a classical pianist and web developer who moved to the Brooklyn neighborhood from Wisconsin last year.

“All my life, most of my friends have been musicians, artists, and other creative people,” reflects Hill. “I live on-site in the back area behind the Museum, and kind of feel like this space found me.”

Hill’s concept is that everyone’s life comprises a museum of modern objects, trends, talents, and creative endeavors. “The idea is that everyone has something creative to offer, and this ‘Museum’ invites celebration of many types of artistic efforts.

“The space here is small – just two rooms – but I hope to present an opportunity for artists to expose their creativity to a wider audience. Hopefully this will entertain a variety of visitors.”

Hill envisions displaying such objects as paintings, collage, sculpture, glass, jewelry, photos, fabric art, assemblage pieces, and inventions – whatever drives the creative impulse.

He also hopes to offer a venue for musicians to perform at the gallery: “Portland is such a creative place,” he observes. “With many up-and-coming artists experimenting on the cutting edge, I’m looking forward to rotating as many as I can through here to celebrate unusual artistic talents.”

The opening of Hill’s Museum of Modern Life occurred on May 2. He plans an exhibition in June called “Accidental Path”, while July’s exhibition will be entitled “Arabesque”. Admission is free. Hours are 3-6 pm Wednesdays, and 5-8 pm on “First Fridays”.

He looks forward to learning about the many artists currently working in the area, and hopes to feature thought-provoking “objets d'art” in his new Museum of Modern Life at the busy intersection of Milwaukie and Holgate.