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Many dumpsters, and sharing, too


Billed as the oldest continuous neighborhood cleanup in the state, the SMILE Cleanup takes place on the Saturday prior to Memorial Day Weekend each year – this year, May 17 – at the south end of Westmoreland Park.

by: ERIC NORBERG - SMILE CleanupHeiberg Garbage and Recycling contributes a large number of dumpsters; neighborhood volunteers assist those arriving with unwanted material; and in recent years a sharing site has been part of it – where unwanted furniture or other objects, such as the sofa here, can be left for someone else who could use it.

SMILE -- an acronym for "Sellwood Moreland Improvement League" -- is the city-recognized neighborhood association for both Sellwood and Westmoreland. It's online at: www.sellwoodmoreland.org, and at www.SMILErecords.org. It is also renting agent for its own SMILE Station, and for the historic Oaks Pioneer Church near the Sellwood Bridge, for weddings and a variety of special occasions: www.oakspioneerchurch.org .