DAVID F. ASHTON - Fifth-grader Margaux Johnson showed off her invention, Flashy Feet - slippers that light the way at night, preventing the stubbing of toes - or falling downstairs. Young inventors and scientists happily helped demonstrate experiments, and showed off their inventions, at the Holy Family Catholic School Science Family Fun Night on the evening of March 2.

Down in the Celebration Hall, the Eastmoreland school’s 7th and 8th grade students led activities, games, and science experiments. Meantime, upstairs in the classrooms, the annual “Invention Convention” took place. “For about seven years now, the fifth-graders have been planning and executing an invention of their own, to solve a problem they see in their lives, or in the life of someone they know,” explained Holy Family Catholic School 5th Grade Teacher Vanessa Cochran

“The ‘Invention Convention’ fits into general education STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curricula,” Cochran said.

“This program integrates how we think and write about a problem,” Cochran added. “Then, the children execute their solution as they make their own invention. They get to learn about lots of things, as they make mistakes and try different ideas, creating their invention.”

With all of the creativity on display at this school Science Night, our technological future looks to be in good hands.

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