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Cleveland High Theater serves up weekly "Improv Luncheon"

DAVID F. ASHTON - In The Archer, Clevelands own improvisational comedy troupe The Improvables go through a scene. To help lighten the mood of serious and studious Cleveland High School (CHS) students, the theater department presents a freewheeling laugh-fest on Fridays at noon – when Cleveland’s own improvisational comedy troupe, “The Improvables”, perform.

“We started holding these shows sporadically, about three years ago,” remarked CHS theater instructor Thomas Beckett. “For the last couple of years, we’ve held them every Friday.”

As with most comedy improvisation shows, the actors perform in one or more sets of “games” that provide guidelines for how a scene will begin, and then play out.

“One of the benefits of the shows is that they bring many students here to laugh, and be part of our school community,” Beckett said. “And these also help hone the skill of the actors. It gives us a place for people to come and enjoy themselves.”

The shows are free, and open to the public, on Fridays in Room 268 – the school’s “black box” theater.

Like all forms of improvisational comedy, it’s best to have an open mind – the actors are creating their routines as they go, and some of the language may be a bit uncensored.