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Reed neighbors have sizzling street party

Photo Credit: DAVID F. ASHTON - Former Reed Neighborhood Association Chair Gabe Headrick receives a sizzling cheeseburger from chef Mark Gossage at this years neighborhood picnic. Families gathered together under the shade of the big tree in “Cody Park”, which is actually just a neighbor’s yard at S.E. 34th Avenue and Raymond Street, on September 6 for the 2014 Reed Neighborhood Picnic.

The chosen day was one of the hottest of the summer – 94 degrees in Inner Southeast Portland, and officially also 94 at the Portland Airport, where weather records are kept.

Reed Neighborhood Association Chair and Secretary Marisha Childs said that, as a group, their Board had decided to again have the summertime event.

“We like to get our neighbors out of their houses, so we can get together and ‘build community’,” Childs said. “This is what every neighborhood needs; getting people getting out and coming together.”

One benefit from the picnic, Childs remarked, is that neighbors get to put faces to the names of their Neighborhood Association Board members, making it easier for them to express concerns they would like to see addressed.

“And, when people get to know each other in a neighborhood, we feel safer in our community, certainly. That's important.”

Almost all participants were volunteers who also had helped out with the picnic, in one way or another, Childs told THE BEE. Gabe Headrick and Mark Gossage each had grills going with hamburgers, fish patties, hot dogs, and sausages. Neighbors brought chips, salads, and other side dishes.

“My favorite part of the afternoon is seeing people together, and having a good time here in our neighborhood,” Childs said.

Neighbors brought their lawn chairs and talked, while children played in this ideal summer setting. It looked like a lovely way to spend a sizzling summertime Saturday afternoon.