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Buildings tumble, making way for Woodstock "New Seasons"

Photo Credit: DAVID F. ASHTON - The block is levelled; the demolition continues down into the basement area.To make way for a new tri-level 5,000-square-foot New Seasons Market to be built on the southeast corner of 45th Avenue and S.E. Woodstock Boulevard, folks doing business in, or traveling through, Woodstock witnessed a major demolition project during August and September.

Down came the buildings that once housed Woodstock Wellness Center, Putter’s Bar & Grill, and the Wood Pro Beauty Center – as well as a cavernous structure behind these retail fronts.

THE BEE stopped by to photographically record the progress of the demolition between the dates of August 18 and September 5.

It wasn’t a “smash-and-pile” operation. The operator of the demolition excavator delicately sorted recyclable materials into different piles, and carefully picked out and stacked massive old-growth lumber beams.

The new food store is expected to open in August of next year.