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Chicken-naming progesses at Moreland Farmers Market

Photo Credit: DAVID F. ASHTON - University of Portland senior and market intern Rio Marquez-Hammitt shows off the Name the Chicken suggestion box, along with Market Manager Adam Seidman. The chicken to be named is the one on their shirts. More than one person going to the Moreland Farmers Market has been befuddled by their “Name the Chicken” promotion. “I don’t see any chickens pecking around here!”

Market Manager Adam Seidman is quick to explain, “This isn’t a physical chicken; we’re talking about the chicken mascot in our market’s logo! For eight years of having this logo and our chicken has been nameless – until now.”

With so many people coming to their market, they’d already collected many creative name suggestions, Seidman reported.

“This season's been great so far,” Seidman told THE BEE. “It's our strongest attendance market in the past five years. Good weather helps, but definitely neighbors come and support the market. We are hearing directly from our customers that they like having us here.”

According to their records, an average of about 1,350 people attend the Moreland Farmers Market each week on Wednesday afternoons.

“Some of the weekend markets might have more traffic,” Seidman acknowledged. “But, based on the anonymous sales data we get from our vendors, we have more buyers and fewer ‘lookers’ here, with a higher level of per-customer sales. This is how we can retain this many top-quality vendors.”

Visitors browse among 30 to 35 vendors a week offering fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, prepared foods, and hot cooked meals. “We are blessed to have so many quality vendors, including ‘Gathering Together Farm’ from Philomath – one of the best organic produce providers.”

And, having a kids’ craft tent brings out neighbors too, as does the every-other-week live music. “Our goal is to be the best midweek market you can find,” Seidman smiled. “It looks like we’re doing something right, and the community continues to support us.”

Moreland Farmers Market

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