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Kids' parade again marks end of school at Duniway

by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Mrs. Debbie Munozs kindergarten class is all set to march in the end-of-school Duniway Parade. Hundreds of parents and neighbors came out to witness the annual end-of-school observance, as 650 kids, teachers, and staff from Duniway Elementary School in Eastmoreland marched up and down S.E. Reed College Place on Friday afternoon, May 30. The Duniway Parade stepped out promptly at 2:15 pm.

“It's been a great year for me here at the school,” commented the school’s new Principal, Matthew Goldstein. “There been many exciting events in the spring; this is a highlight event to which the kids really look forward. And, it’s a perfect day today for a parade.”

For it being her first year of coordinating the parade, volunteer Heather Austin looked confident. “The past parade coordinator, Michelle Albert, made up and passed on to me a wonderful checklist,” Austin told THE BEE. “That, along with her cell phone number, which were both very helpful! I really appreciate how she shared the information she’d collected from coordinating the parade for so many years.”

The best thing about the annual parade, Austin remarked, is all the smiles on so many faces. “It really highlights the community spirit of our school. Having the band play, and the parade led off by the Station 20 fire engine – it looks to be a wonderful time for everyone.”

There was no particular parade theme this year; but each class chose their own theme, as they have in years past. “Our fourth graders have just returned from an overnight at the Organ Trail, so we’ll see a lot a pioneer clothing on them.

“And, a class from each grade has been at the Portland Timbers today, so you'll see a lot of Timbers gear, too.”

Grade by grade, the parade assembled in the shade of the Linden trees in front of the school. At the appointed time, members of the Portland Police Bureau Traffic Division closed down streets and provided a safe escort for the parade.

Portland Fire & Rescue Engine 20 from Westmoreland led the parade, as in years past – followed closely by the Duniway Marching Band. Without a hitch, the parade headed north to S.E. Woodstock Boulevard, and then back to disband at the school. It was family fun for everyone.