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Foster Road 'pub crawl' planned for summer

DAVID F. ASHTON - FABA President Matthew MiÄ?etić and VP Laura Kropf accepted the big check from Venture Portland, dedicated to supporting their marketing efforts, from FABA Business District Organizer and Marketing Coordinator Marina Martinez. The evening of February 9 was a joyous occasion at the Foster Area Business Association (FABA) Annual Meeting, held again this year at “Carts on Foster”, 5205 S.E. Foster Road.

Time allowed for networking was abundant; the formal meeting was short. Guests noshed on vittles from the food carts at the pod; beverages were supplied by the “Pod Bar”.

That evening, FABA President Matthew Mi?eti? of Red Castle Games was up for reelection.

“If reelected, I will again serve!” was the entire platform on which Mi?eti? successfully ran again for the top office.

“I think Foster Road is going in the right direction,” Mi?eti? told THE BEE. “I’m glad to continue to be a part of FABA, and help bring about positive change in our district.”

One of the big changes coming to Foster Road this year, he said, is the beginning of the streetscape construction. “Survey crews are out and about, taking all the measurements for the work coming up.

“Yes, it will go from for traffic lanes down to two, but the majority of our members were for this ‘street diet’, slowing traffic down; and they see the change as making our businesses more visible,” Mi?eti? said.

Overall, the health of the business district is improving, he reflected. “We’re getting some good destination businesses. Whatever we can do to get more walk-in traffic, and people stopping and shopping a little bit, is a good thing.”

The FABA Board spent time pondering what has been the organization’s signature event, “Fun on Foster”, over the past year, Mi?eti? remarked. “We’ve had to face it; the street fair wasn’t a hit. So, we’ve been working on other ideas to try get more people out into the district.”

Following the success of the Foster Road Tree Lighting in December, they’re working on a new summertime feature, perhaps in late July, which they’re calling the “Foster Pub Crawl”.

“We wanted to do something little more oriented to businesses catering to adults on Foster Road,” explained Mi?eti?. “If we do this well, it can still have a touch of family friendliness to it.”

After the brief meeting, an election by secret ballot was held. The results:

Reelected to their respective offices were President Matthew Mi?eti?, VP Steve Woolard of Carts on Foster, and Secretary/Treasurer Laura Kropf of Steve Tremmel Design. Jamie Melton was elected as Portland Mecardo representative, and David Priestap of Ikon Merchant Consultants was elected Board Member at Large.

To learn more about FABA, go online: fosterroadpdx.wordpress.com