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Generations return for Westmoreland Easter Egg Hunt

DAVID F. ASHTON - Focused on her task at this years SMILE Easter Egg Hunt in Westmoreland Park was Lillian Watts. There was excitement in the air as families gathered at the south end of Westmoreland Park on the morning of Saturday, March 26; members of the Portland Oaks Bottom Lions Club had been spreading foil-covered chocolate candies in preparation for the annual Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Sellwood-Moreland Improvement League (SMILE) neighborhood association, with assistance from the QFC Market.

Portland Oaks Bottom Lions Club President Irv Smith reflected, for THE BEE, “Our Lions Club has been associated with this for many years, rain or shine. We help out because one of our areas of service is to youth. Any time that we can be involved with the community, we think it’s a really worthwhile thing to do.”

Smith said the club also hosts a food bank collection at egg hunt. “And, being here also gives us the opportunity to tell about ‘Lionism’, and the things we do.”

Decidedly too young yet to be a Lion’s Club member, Sellwood Middle School seventh grade student Reuben Bisagna was out spreading eggs in the three age-based zones as the 10 a.m. hour approached.

“Yes, I’m too old to participate, but I thought it would be fun to help out, because my two little sisters are here this morning,” Bisagna told THE BEE. “I remember having so much fun, starting when I was about seven years old, and my parents took us down here to do this. I’m happy to help today.”

Another legacy participant was this year’s “Easter Bunny”, Karly Kent, the newest member of the Oaks Bottom Lions Club, representing a third generation of family members of the Lions Club.

The SMILE Easter Egg Hunt began at 10 a.m. sharp, and as usual the thousands of candies were all gathered up six minutes later – not quite a record, but very close. Many families went home with Easter candy – and also memories that will last for generations.