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Brooklyn's kids flock to third annual Easter Egg hunt

RITA A. LEONARD - Rachel, 4, and Madison, 5, advertised the Brooklyn Easter Egg Hunt. After a week of rainy Spring Break days, Brooklyn neighborhood kids were ready for the excitement of their third annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.

The event, sponsored by Mosaic Church and the Brooklyn Action Corps neighborhood association, was held at the top of Brooklyn Park hill on S.E. Milwaukie Avenue. Kids under 10 gathered eagerly with boots, baskets, and in Easter finery, for the 11 a.m. start. They expected a good time, and were not disappointed.

The Park was divided into three areas based on age and ability. Parents and friends were ready with cameras and supportive cheers. Egg hunt volunteers had met earlier at the home of event organizer Matt McComas to fill over 1,000 plastic eggs with candy, prizes, and for a lucky few, four gift certificates to Nectar Frozen Yogurt in Westmoreland.

Face-painters and helpers gathered in gazebo to assist with activities. As is the tradition with all public egg hunts, less than ten minutes after the “start” signal, it was all over except for the munching.

Families visited, played on park equipment, and examined the heavy equipment parked nearby – ready to start the Lower Powell Green Street and Sewer Construction Project.

Then parents gathered their kids and headed home for the Easter weekend.