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Johnson Creek Watershed Council selects new leader

DAVID F. ASHTON - New JCWC Executive Director G.S. Newberry pitches in, working on a fence in Westmoreland Park. After the December departure of former Executive Director Matt Clark, the Johnson Creek Watershed Council (JCWC) Board of Directors announced that Daniel G.S. Newberry had been selected to fill the top executive slot, starting at the end of February.

Newberry met and worked with volunteers at Westmoreland Park, during the JCWC “Watershed Wide Event”, held this year on March 7th.

“I’ve known about the JCWC for many years,” Newberry told THE BEE, as he tacked wire mesh on a fence protecting Crystal Springs Creek.

“This is because I’ve been involved with Oregon watershed councils for about twenty years, starting off as a council member at the Wood River group [in Klamath County], before being Executive Director of the Applegate Watershed Council in Jackson County, Oregon.

“So, I’ve heard about the good things that JCWC has been doing here,” Newberry said. “And I really look forward to getting to know more about our area.”

Looking ahead, Newberry said the Board’s “five year project” is focusing on fish passage in the hundreds of watershed culverts that are partially, and sometimes completely, blocking the passage of salmonids. “This is the species that we are targeting,” remarked Newberry. “We can play a big role in helping to retrofit and replace many of those culverts.”

Looking ahead, Newberry said he is eager to meet active volunteers, and encourage others to consider helping fulfill the mission of the JCWC.

“With about 186,000 people living in the watershed, almost as important as the actual restoration itself is bringing people together. Our Watershed Council serves an important educational function when people come out to volunteer.

“Any time volunteers come out for an event, they learn how it helps the salmon, and they’ll pass this information on to others they know,” Newberry said. “Restoration work, and working with volunteers, really helps to bring people together and spread the word.”

Learn more about the JCWC online: jcwc.org – or, you can contact Newberry directly by e-mail at: HYPERLINK "mailto:daniel@jcwc.org" daniel@jcwc.org