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New business building finished at S.E. 52nd and Woodstock

ELIZABETH USSHER GROFF - The new business building now completed at the corner of 52nd and Woodstock Boulevard is one that the owner, Marion Skoro, says he is proud of.Construction on the Southeast corner of S.E. 52nd and Woodstock Boulevard, facing Our Lady of Sorrows Church, is finally at the finish line. The previous structure on the lot, which was home to Mike's Auto Parts, was demolished a year ago following a fire, but the city permit process kept construction in limbo until the end of June.

Marion Skoro, of “Marion's Carpets” on S.E. Grand Avenue, has owned the property since 1978, and is very familiar with the neighborhood. He lived in Woodstock for many years, and his children attended Our Lady of Sorrows School.

His carpet business originated at the corner of S.E. 52nd and Cooper, until it expanded and moved to its current location just south of the Multnomah County building on Grand. This is the fiftieth year for that business, which is now run by Marion's son Carl.

Skoro, now 76, is not on site of the 52nd Avenue property every day, but he has stayed engaged, providing oversight and guidance for the construction, and visiting the property when necessary.

The new two-story building occupies a total of 15,000 square feet, and has retail space on the bottom floor and offices on the second level.

“It will be a ‘green’ building,” says Skoro. “It will be a nice building, with an elevator up to the second floor.”

Who will the new tenants be? He has always said he wanted to have the property develop into something compatible with the values and needs of his former neighborhood that he loves.

Earlier rumors of possible tenants included a dentist's office, a yoga studio, and a coffee shop — but those are just rumors; now there's a new rumor that one of the tenants will be an Hawai'ian restaurant. However, Skoro seems not quite ready to reveal definitive information on his new tenants yet.