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Reed Neighborhood publisher produces local cookbook

Photo Credit: RITA A. LEONARD - Greg Mowery of the Reed Neighborhood was the one who developed the idea for a new local cookbook: Fresh Ideas with Leigh Ann: The Fred Meyer Cookbook. Its on sale now. Reed Neighborhood resident Greg Mowery has been promoting books for nearly forty years. Along with partners Ross Eberman and Dick Owsiany of Carpe Diem Books, in 2011 he published a collection of recipes from the local daily newspaper called “The Oregonian Cookbook”.

Following that success, this October the trio published another regional cookbook, “Fresh Ideas with Leigh Ann: The Fred Meyer Cookbook”. The 231-page softback is lavishly illustrated with color photos, and has clear cooking instructions.

“We met Fred Meyers’ culinary spokesperson, Leigh Ann Hieronymous, and learned that she had developed about a thousand recipes for the Fred Meyer website over the course of her fourteen years with the company,” smiles Mowery. “Portland’s reputation as a food town means there are people here eager for the works of local food writers.

“My specialty is cookbooks, and I drew up a proposal. I’ve promoted several bestselling cookbook writers, and I also write cookbook reviews.”

Leigh Ann has appeared in many television segments, and on national TV. Her “Fresh Ideas” recipes include sections on appetizers, desserts, vegetables, salads, soups, and various meat and meatless entrees. The 140 well-illustrated recipes are quick, easy, and are intended for families or entertaining.

For those interested in exploring fresh local recipes created right here in the Pacific Northwest, “Fresh Ideas with Leigh Ann: The Fred Meyer Cookbook” should be a fine addition to the Portland-area culinary repertoire.

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