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$2,000 check presented to Tucker Maxon School on Holgate

COURTESY OF GARRY LIENHARD - Adam Bayer, Worshipful Master of Portland Lodge #55 of the Masons, has just presented the $2,000 check to Glen Gilbert, Executive Director of Tucker Maxon School. Breyer went on to introduce Gilbert to the local Masons oldest living Past Master, Seaton Griswold, now nearing 95 years of age, standing in the cap. All others shown are lodge members.On Monday, November 16, seven members of the Portland Lodge #55 of the Masons, three of them accompanied by their spouses, arrived at nonprofit Tucker Maxon School on S.E. Holgate Boulevard at 30th. Their mission was to present a check for $2,000 to the school.

The money was earmarked to purchase an FM communications system for classroom use for students to better interact with the teachers, and further their education. These devices connect directly to hearing-disadvantaged children’s existing hearing aids, and are issued each morning for day use by the student.

The system is known as the “Roger DigiMaster X”. Teachers wear a microphone, and there are also pass-around microphones to allow everyone in the classroom to participate.

The check presentation included a contribution from Eastgate Masonic Lodge #155. Just prior to the presentation, the Masonic group was given a tour of the school, which included the library, the classrooms, the gym/stage multi-purpose room, and the audiology lab.

The Tucker Maxon School is specialized for those students who are hearing impaired, but also includes students who have no hearing disabilities, to complement learning and social skills. The school has been a part of Southeast Portland for the past 68 years. It has been in its present location since 1952, and a second building added about 10 years later.

It was one of the first private schools to be approved and registered by the Oregon State Department of Education in 1975, and serves students from pre-school to the fifth grade. All teaching and learning is done by speech communication. No sign language is used at Tucker Maxon.