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New commercial center planned on 52nd in Woodstock

Photo Credit: DAVID F. ASHTON - Fire damaged this landmark building at S.E. 52nd Avenue and Woodstock Boulevard; now the property owners are demolishing it to make way for a new commercial center at the site.Now that the building that once housed Mike’s Auto Parts, at S.E. 52nd Avenue and Woodstock Boulevard, has been demolished, neighbors have asked about plans for the site.

“The property owner is planning to construct a two-story building,” said the property owner’s agent – a Cleveland High School grad, Matt Muramatsu, of Cascade Commercial Real Estate.

“This will be a 75,000-square-foot ‘solar building’, with retail on the ground floor and office space on the second floor, Muramatsu said. “It will be ready for occupancy in about twelve to fifteen months.”

About potential tenants, Muramatsu said, “The owners and myself love this neighborhood – we’ve grown up here. We’re looking-quality tenants that will fit well in the Woodstock neighborhood.”

In a recent BEE telephone interview with Mike’s Auto Parts owner Pat Mahoney, he didn’t indicate to us whether or not he was pursuing a lease in the new retail center.

“Please let people know that we’re very grateful that people are still doing business with us, here on in the east side,” Mahoney told THE BEE.

“We still do wiper installation,” Mahoney added. “And, instead of having to order many parts, here at our temporary location, we have access to $3 million of inventory in our shared wholesale warehouse.”

Mike’s Auto Parts has kept their phone number of 503/774-8841, Mahoney added, and are currently located inside AED Inc., behind the Keiser Dental office, at S.E. 28th and Raymond – officially, at 2718 S.E. Raymond Street.

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