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New owners: No changes for Sellwood's "Ugly Mug"

Photo Credit: DAVID F. ASHTON - Cole Akeman, new co-owner of the Ugly Mug Coffee Shop on S.E. 13th  is making coffee and making friends, at the Sellwood shop. After making the Ugly Mug Coffee Shop on S.E. 13th Avenue in Sellwood a neighborhood attraction for a dozen years, owner Kim Nudelman decided to “hang up her apron” – to focus on getting a nursing degree.

In January new owners, Cole and Cheryl Akeman, bought the business.

“Kim really made this shop a part of the community,” Cole Akeman remarked, between making beverages for customers. “With the ‘changing of the guard’ at the Ugly Mug, we’re planning to keep up her tradition.

“I want people to feel free to come in, hang out, relax, work on their computer, and enjoy a good cup of coffee,” Akeman smiled.

Because an OLCC certification automatically expires when a business’ ownership changes, the couple reapplied for the beer and wine license. “We look forward to offering Sunday Brunch, with Champagne mimosas, cheesecake, and quiche,” Akeman said.

“We’re working hard to make really good coffee,” he affirmed. “And, it makes a difference to us that people feel we’re still part of the community. That hasn’t changed, just because the ownership has changed.”