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Old Sellwood Bridge 'parts art' displayed at library

DAVID F. ASHTON - Rachel Ginocchio stands with some of the curated entries from the Sellwood Bridge Art Project, as displayed in August at the Sellwood Branch Library. The project to recycle concrete and rebar from the old Sellwood Bridge into gifts for sale, in support of Sellwood Middle School programs, took on yet another aspect in July and August.

“We’re calling it the ‘Sellwood Bridge Art Project’,” said Rachel Ginocchio of Rumpus Events.

“As a companion project to the school fundraiser, the idea of the Art Project is to get as many as people as possible, of all ages, to create art out of the remains of the old Sellwood Bridge,” Ginocchio explained.

She met THE BEE at the Sellwood Branch Library, where some of the artworks were on prominent display during the first two weeks of August.

“Some of this art came from one of the four art-making events we’ve held in which both kids and adults created hands-on art,” Ginocchio remarked. “And, we’ve also encouraged people in the community to make art on their own. On display, here, is a sampling of the art we’ve received.”

At the end of the August, representatives from Sellwood business, including Zenbu, Oodles 4 Kids, Cloud Cap Games, Portland Bottle Shop, Collage, and the Savory Spice Shop, were set to judge the artwork – with the winners to be announced in early September.

Meantime, collectible Old Sellwood Bridge artifacts are still available at Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters, on S.E. 13th Avenue in Sellwood.