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Free fixes featured at "Repair Café"

Photo Credit: DAVID F. ASHTON - All signs point to volunteers Lauren Gross, Cindy Correll, and Katie Pichette, at the September 14th Sellwood Repair Caf̩ at Portland Homestead Supply. People headed to a special event in Sellwood Рcarrying toasters, lighting fixtures, and clothing Рgot quizzical looks from folks shopping on S.E. 13th Avenue on Sunday, September 14th.

They were on their way to Portland Homestead Supply Co., holding their precious-yet-broken items, hopeful of restoring them.

“Today, we’re holding what we call a ‘Repair Café’,” explained Repair PDX Coordinator Lauren Gross.

“All of our repair people here do it for free; it’s an all-volunteer effort,” said Gross. “We have been organizing monthly Repair Cafés, since our first one in May of 2013.

“We do this because it's fun!” Gross said with a grin. “And, because fixing things keeps them out of the landfill.

“But, also we found the repairing peoples’ things seem to make them happy. To have fixed something to which they have a strong personal attachment – so they can continue using or wearing it – turns out to be a very good thing for us all.”

Lean more about “Repair Café” online: www.repairpdx.org.

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