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Volunteers spruce up Lane Middle School campus

DAVID F. ASHTON - Thuy Nguyen, Kimberly Vu, and Emily Vo, were among volunteers helping spruce up Lane Middle School in May; these three were cleaning up the tree beds. The landscaping around Lane Middle School received tender loving care on Saturday morning, May 7, as volunteers with the school’s PTA came out to do gardening and clean-up chores.

“We’re picking up trash, trimming shrubs that are overgrown, and pulling weeds out of the tree beds,” remarked Lane Middle School PTA President Betsy Miller. “Some of our volunteers are also trimming along the fences; others are clearing shrubs and overgrowth around the tennis court.”

Still other volunteers were spreading bark dust, after flowerbeds had been cleaned.

“We do this to support the school, our neighborhood, and help our teachers and the students feel more of a sense of pride in the school,” explained Miller.

“The best part of this for me is seeing the whole neighborhood getting involved,” Miller said. “It's bringing the community together; it’s all about us taking pride in our school.”