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Llewellyn Elementary whips together a street fair

ERIC NORBERG - What is a street fair - even a one-hour one - without a little live music? On this day, this was provided by the Llewellyn Student Jazz Band. When it’s the “late start” day of the Portland Public Schools month, what’s a school to do? Well, it could start late.

Or it could stage a one-hour bicycle/walking/wellness fair in the extra hour, and close a street to do it.

According to an organizer at Westmoreland’s Llewellyn Elementary School, Brian Buck, the idea had been germinating, but it only came together at the last minute – on Wednesday morning, May 18, when a permit to close S.E. 14th between Tolman and Duke Streets was granted for 9 to 10 a.m.

In that hour, 14th was marked off with chalk for a bike rodeo, with yoga ball races set up at the south end, near Duke Street; a slack line was set up to challenge kids’ balance at the covered outdoor court, where basketball was also in progress; quadricycle races were underway on the playground; and a few vendors were at tables along the sidewalk, next to the Llewellyn Student Jazz Band, which entertained.

There was a nice crowd on hand, and everyone had a lot of fun. At 10 a.m., school got underway, and the street was cleared and reopened. The one-hour street fair was over.