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Volunteer throng cleans up Woodstock Boulevard

DAVID F. ASHTON - Woodstock Stakeholders Group members Gene Dieringer and Angie Even greet voluntreers coming to the annual Woodstock Community Clean-up - along with Woodstock Neighborhood Association Chair Elisa Edgington. On the morning of the annual Woodstock Community Clean-up, Saturday, June 4, its chief organizer Angie Even – of the “Woodstock Stakeholders Group” – told THE BEE that she was concerned that weather forecasts predicting near 100° temperatures would reduce volunteer turnout.

As it turned out, though, a total of 112 people showed up in front of the Woodstock Community Center, signed the SOLVE forms, were served breakfast treats and coffee, and set out to clean up the main street of the neighborhood.

“The Stakeholders Group is made up of commercial property owners on Woodstock Boulevard,” Even explained to us, between answering others’ questions and handing out breakfast treats with another member of the organization, Gene Dieringer.

“This is the fifth annual community clean-up in which we go along the boulevard and sweep, grab trash, pick up cigarette butts, wipe down garbage cans, clean up bus stops, and spiff up the entire business district.”

Not only does this “spring cleaning” make the business district more tidy, “it’s also good for the community,” Even said. “It's good to get the kids started early learning how to do community service volunteering.”

After tending to their assigned areas, the teams returned to the Woodstock Community Center for a lunch featuring Otto’s grilled sausages, and all kinds of picnic side dishes.

Many sponsors stepped up to help, including Otto's, Grand Central Bakery, New Seasons Market, Papaccino’s Coffee, Cloud City Ice Cream, Safeway, City Sanitary, Woodstock Farmers Market, Reed College, Pacesetter Athletic, Bai Mint, The Floor Store, Mae’s Barber Shop, Woodstock Law Offices, Hope City Church, The UPS Store, the Woodstock Neighborhood Association, the Woodstock Community Business Association, and SOLVE.

“I just love Woodstock; I ran a business here for more than twenty years, and have owned commercial property here since the 1990s – and I lived here for a couple of decades,” Even said. “The best thing about this for me is seeing all of us take pride in our neighborhood.”