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Dental insurance: Use it or lose it

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GIFFORD FAMILY DENTAL - Todd Gifford, DDSThe end of the calendar year means expiring dental insurance benefits for many people. 

Have you been putting off that recommended procedure … a cleaning, a filling or a crown? 

Now is the time to get it scheduled. 

Dental insurance benefits often reset January 1, meaning any remaining financial benefit that goes unused from your 2016 plan will be lost. Plan ahead and schedule today with your local general dentist office to maximize the insurance benefits you are entitled to. 

With the holidays fast approaching and folks like you eager to get in before the end of the year, expect fewer available appointments to get that recommended work done by December 31. Finding time for an appointment becomes more difficult the longer you wait to schedule. 

Additionally, open enrollment for dental insurance is likely a looming prospect for many people. When considering the best dental insurance option for you and your family, reach out to your local general dental office for advice. Our experienced team can help you make choices that maximize your quality of care with minimum out-of-pocket expense. 

You will find that your local general dentist office is the best place to seek help navigating the confusing world of dental insurance.  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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