Previous owner of Cricket Wireless store starts US Guns LLC in former location

At the Barbur Plaza strip mall, located at the intersection of Barbur Boulevard and Primrose Street, you will find all the usual offerings: a drycleaner, a nail salon, a pizza place and a taco joint. But soon another business will be opening there: a gun CONNECTION PHOTO: DREW DAKESSIAN - The new home to US Guns LLC, a gun shop.

The shop, US Guns LLC, is being opened by businessman Anatoliy Sosnovskiy. This is not his first time at Barbur Plaza; Sosnovskiy is the former owner of the Cricket Wireless store that previously occupied the same space that will now house US Guns LLC.

Sosnovskiy said that while his Cricket Wireless store — one of at least 10 he owned at one time — wasn’t very successful at Barbur Plaza, the fact a Blumenthal Uniforms & Equipment Portland Retail Store had called the strip mall home for over half a decade signaled to him that a gun shop might also flourish.

“It just occurred to me that it’s just a great location for the gun and sporting goods people,” he said. “It’s already law enforcement out there; people with security out there.”

Sosnovskiy doesn’t just have prior experience with the location, but also with gun sales. Together with his wife Sosnovskiy has been operating US Guns LLC out of their home in Beaverton for the past year; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives of the United States Department of Justice shows the company first licensed to sell firearms in June of this year.

“I tried it myself at home to see if I can do it and I like it,” he said. “And I really like it — I like to sell guns and having new guns in possession.”

Sosnovoskiy added that he is particularly drawn to the notion of guns as historical artifacts.

“Back in different days, pretty much everybody owned guns in the U.S., right? Right. So, it could be a really great piece of history. It’s not just the gun; it’s the history that goes with the gun. It’s … who owned that gun before, and what was happening with that person,” he said. “It’s just great to educate yourself. It’s not only to go and shoot — it’s more than that.”

Not everyone shares the storeowner’s enthusiasm.

“As a longtime local resident concerned about gun control and safety, I consider this a terrible addition to the neighborhood,” one citizen told The Connection via email. “I can't be the only one who consider them unwelcome.”

Because Barbur Plaza is located in Multnomah neighborhood, Multnomah Neighborhood Association Chair Moses Ross weighed in.

“Wearing my Multnomah Neighborhood Association cap, we are very grateful for any new business that opens in Multnomah and encourage everyone, or residents to patronize any new business. My personal opinion? I’m not too thrilled on gun shops, but (if) they’re legal, they’re appropriate, and as long as they play by the rules in licensing I have no problem,” he said.

Sosnovskiy said that in addition to boosting economic growth in the area, US Guns LLC should improve local safety.

“I think the more gun shops stores we can have the more people will be educated how to get guns legally,” he said, adding, “The gun shop is for the legal purpose of buying and selling (guns). There’s nothing dangerous in the store. Simply because we’re doing legal business, everybody who’s buying or selling the guns to that store will be legally checked.”

Ross said that the Multnomah Neighborhood Association might serve both to help address neighbor concerns and give US Guns LLC the best chance of success.

“I look forward to inviting them to an upcoming neighborhood association meeting to introduce themselves to the residents,” he said. “I can’t allow my personal opinions about gun shops to stifle interest in a new business. Any new business is a positive thing, and I want to make sure that they succeed.”

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