by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: PORTLAND FIRE & RESCUE - Firefighters use pry bars to remove the drain cover of an 80-pound grate in South Burlingame below which Bob the cat was stuck.SOUTH BURLINGAME — Firefighters from Portland Fire Station 10 - Burlingame spent part of Sunday afternoon helping to rescue Bob, a cat who went missing Saturday night.

After much of the morning was spent searching for the missing feline, the cat's owners heard a faint meow coming from a storm drain near Southwest Second Avenue and Ruby Terrace. Stuck below the 80-pound grate was Bob, trapped and scared but otherwise unhurt. With the help of neighbors, the owners tried to free Bob but were unable to remove the heavy grate.

One of the owners walked to the neighborhood fire station and found the crew in-quarters and eager to help.

Using pry bars and other hand tools, firefighters were able to remove the drain cover and began calling for the cat. After a couple of minutes Bob backed out of a drainpipe but wasn't quite sure of her rescuers. Once her owners knelt beside the open drain, Bob crawled into their arms with no SUBMITTED PHOTO: PORTLAND FIRE & RESCUE - Bob the cat's owners, reunited with their feline friend.

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