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by: DREW DAKESSIAN - Landscape designer and architect Bruce Powers, owner of Coyote Hill Home and Garden.If your home is in need of a spruce, just ask Bruce — Powers, that is. Veteran landscape architect and Hillsdale resident Bruce Powers, along with his wife Cait, recently opened Coyote Hill Home and Garden, a retail nursery and garden center in Multnomah Village.

Bruce and Cait Powers say they had always wanted to open a store like this. After working for large firms in a variety of locales including Abu Dhabi, China, Korea and Japan, Bruce Powers was laid off due to downsizing in July 2012. But rather than relocate to another state and continue on his current path with another company, “I just said, you know, now or never, let’s do this thing,” he says.

“Being laid off has really opened our eyes to what’s important to us … We just didn’t want to leave, so within that process we were like, what is our passion, what do we really want to do, and this is what we came up with,” Cait Powers recalls.

“So Cait and I Just started planning and kicking around how we would approach it, and we … couldn’t find the right space, and she stumbled on this on Craigslist, and the people that owned this property had been looking for a nursery and garden center to come here,” Bruce Powers says. “It all sort of fell together, just like that, so we bit the bullet and moved in.”

Prior to finding the space, Cait Powers says, “The thing we could not find is somebody that could understand what we wanted: Mostly a nursery and design center, and then also to be able to find a space for … plants, and mulch … so when we stumbled across this, and since the owner was looking for somebody just like us, it was a no-brainer.”

Her husband agrees.

“We’ve got space for a shop, and I’ve got space to do design work, so I’ll have an office … it sort of all works perfectly.”

The Coyote Hill retail space will offer various wares including gifts, houseplants, pots, candles and small gardening tools, as well as jewelry and arts and crafts fashioned by Cait Powers herself.

As for Coyote Hill’s landscape design, offered through Bruce Powers's personal firm Site Design Landscape Architecture, “we have residential and garden design, rain gardens …. retail plant material, all the garden stuff you would expect in any store,” Bruce Powers says, adding that it will boast some unique offerings as well, including free delivery and personalized design consultation.

“If you pay $50 for a tree and you can’t get it home, of course I’ll deliver it. I’m happy to do that, and I think that’s what we’re trying to make people aware of: We’re not Walmart; we want you to love us.”

All in all, he says, “It’s that transition from the world to home — we want to make that a better space for everybody.”

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