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Lead story leads with insensitive headline

The title of the cover story of the March edition ("For David Dalla G, Southwest Portland is the true 'Gangsta's Paradise'") is unfortunate. It doesn't even reflect the content of the story.

Southwest Portland is not a "Gangsta's Paradise"— as the song is about a gang member reflecting on how the violence he has brought to every part of his life and his community have left him hollow and will no doubt cut short his life.

Your story is about a young man who is developing talent — not subjecting his neighborhood to violence. I moved from North Portland because I grew tired of nightly gunshots, my house being broken into (repeatedly), the non-stop violence and not being able to allow my family to walk the streets safely. If you want to glorify that kind of environment, go be part of it — and leave Southwest Portland out of it.

Or else develop your talent for words the way your subject has and create a title that reflects the content of your story and the true character of SW Portland. It is not a "Gangster's Paradise."

Martin Houston