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Connection brings Southwest landmarks to light

I took a walk in Maricara Park thanks to you and your writeup. I've been to many soccer games at Jackson School — I had no idea there was a nice shady woods so close.

It was delightfully cool on a warm summer day.

I hope you'll continue to enlighten us with future Southwest gems.

Claude Prichard


OHSU anesthesiologist on PERS

Why does everyone, including your paper's editorial team, call the state reneging on its Public Employees Retirement System commitments "reform"?

Stephen Robinson

Southeast Portland

Sasquatch story considered superfluous

The story concerning “Sasquatch” and the big footprints was solved a few years ago. It had been reported in The Oregonian newspaper, with photos, of the two persons that are behind the “Ghost Animal.” The Oregonian photos also showed the artificial feet that had been used to make the extra large prints. If I recall, the persons responsible were from the Chehalis, Wash., area. They wanted people to know, and one person was near death.

A.J. Colasurdo