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Question: Do you think that the city government does a good enough job keeping Southwest Portlanders informed about what's going on?

Asked Oct. 25 in Hillsdale.

"I’m kind of new to Southwest Portland, I just moved here from North Portland, but I mean, they have the newspaper that comes to our house, so that’s nice.”

Lisa Day, Arnold Creek

“I suppose if you read the paper on a regular basis you should be pretty informed about what’s going on, and I assume that a lot the information that’s reported in the papers is issued in the city government, so, yeah, I think it’s a pretty transparent government.”

Anna Winthrop, Bridlemile

“Southwest Neighborhoods Inc., they do a good job of getting the information out, I like the way the neighborhood news comes out. The Connection is a good option as well. I feel like we know what’s going on very well, actually.”

Jay Lyman, Hillsdale

“I think for me they do, I seem to get enough information through the Southwest paper, through The Oregonian, online, through the news on TV, yeah, I think there’s a lot of ways to get information, for my needs."

Colleen Lyman, Hillsdale

“I would say, yes, they do a good job, in terms of just providing information via their website and newspaper and public meetings. I think for me, it’s probably that I don’t know what’s going on because I don’t take the initiative and go to meetings and read the news and look on the Internet, so it would be nice to have an organization like yours to help us — to be the translator between what’s happening in the larger city and how those of over here in the neighborhood are staying informed with our busy lives."

Jennifer DeVoe, Multnomah