Question: Do you think it's important to shop local? Why or why not?

Asked Nov. 22 of local business owners and employees in Multnomah Village

Well, since I own a small, local business, I think it is. I think it adds character and uniqueness to neighborhoods and I think that the presence of a lot of thriving, local businesses adds value to real estate. It also definitely helps the tax base to pay for things like schools and roads. If you shop online ... the money does not regenerate value in the local community. So I think it’s a good thing to shop locally and it reverberates within the local economy.”

—Tye Steinbach

Thinker Toys

"Yes I do. Mostly because I think it just supports your local community. It’s nice to have money and finances cycle through the local communities instead of going to big coroporations, which outsource a lot.”

—Melissa Arnold

Peachtree Gifts & The Wedding Cottage

“Yes, I totally think it’s important to shop local, and why is because it provides jobs for local people, keeps money in our economy and it’s actually ecologically too. I mean, you don’t spend a lot of money for gas.”

—Mary Newcomb

Maggie’s Boutique

“Yes, of course. Somewhere in the 60 percent range of money spent at local businesses actually goes back into the local economy versus much, much smaller amount of course through shopping at a chain store or zero percent from shopping at somewhere like, say, Amazon. That’s probably the no. 1 reason, it stimulates the local economy.”

—Michael Keese

Annie Bloom’s Books

“Of course it’s important to shop local. Big business taking over the United States, I mean, we really depend on local support and, I mean, in this community, half the people I know in this area work in this area, and if we weren’t here supporting local businesses, we’d all be out of a job.”

—Alissa White


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